Lanka London

French Patisserie • Ceylon Tea

About the Chef ...

The chef Masayuki Hara says, "I'm proud to be offering gourmet homemade cakes that are baked with great care and use fresh creams and ingredients".

  • About the Chef
    Masayuki Hara ...

  • Originally from Japan, French cuisine chef Masayuki Hara came to London to work at the three-star Michelin restaurant " Gavroch" in the late 1980s.he became head chef at "Phenicien" and "Cave at Caviar House" in Piccadilly.

  • After a variety of experiences at other Michelin star restaurants including "Pru Leiths", "Antony Worrall Thompson", "Richard Corrigan" etc, He has now started his own catering company, Lanka, to bring some of his culinary delights within reach of even more people.